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Cosmetology Careers Unlimited desires to enroll only persons with a desire to develop a successful career in the cosmetology industry. These expectations are presented as assurance to you of our commitment to the highest level of education, to familiarize you with as much information as possible before you enroll, and therefore increase the chances of your success.

This is what you can expect of CCU:
  1. Provide you with guidance and training leading to licensure.
  2. Make available through a professional staff, the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully secure and maintain employment in the Cosmetology Industry.
  3. Provide facilities, equipment and training aids comparable to those found in the industry.
  4. Provide the opportunity to develop and express you artistic talents.
  5. Provide you with professional quality books and tools.
    (You may purchase books at school book store or elsewhere, as long as they are the same.)

This is what CCU expects of you:
  1. Make all financial arrangements before your start date.
  2. Have reading and math skills sufficient to complete and pass assignments.
  3. Pass entrance exam
  4. Follow school policies and procedures.
  5. Prepare for theory and clinic assignments.
  6. Have 100% attendance during pre-clinic training.
  7. Be punctual, have good attendance, and adhere to selected schedule after pre-clinic training.
  8. Utilize school time to your educational advantage.
  9. Maintain a well groomed and professional appearance.
  10. Clock in and out when entering/leaving the building and for your lunch break.
  11. Fill out your daily time sheet each day and have an instructor sign it.
  12. Complete assignments, both theory and practical, and sanitation, including assigned cleaning duties.
  13. Build a clientele of at least thirty to follow you to a salon.
  14. Maintain a positive attitude.
  15. If you have children, have at least four options for child care.

NACCAS Accredited